Let’s hear from: Bob Dileo, April Hill Livestock Farmer

Bob was one of our 2021 April Hill Farm Apprentices and we are so happy that he is continuing on with Greenagers in his new role as  April Hill Livestock Farmer. Yay!

Thank you, Bob, for all the work you do and for sharing your thoughts with us.

“Greenagers has provided me with an opportunity to obtain a position in my preferred career path, first as a farm apprentice last season and now as the lead livestock farmer. Working here has given me the ability to wake up every day and look forward to working with great staff and great youth, all involved in the amazing programs provided by Greenagers. I get to go outside every morning and I am greeted by our 9 sheep as they run into the barn bleating and hungry for fresh hay. I’ve been able to watch the April Hill  landscape change with the seasons. Through the heat of summer and unsympathetic cold of winter, I am outside working in the elements with the backdrop of the Berkshires. It’s not always easy work but I love what I do and I am humbled to be able to do it with a company that does so much for the southern Berkshire community.”

It’s not always easy work but I love what I do