All TRail and farm crew positions are currently full.

All applications are received and positions filled on a rolling basis.

Summer 2020 Trail Crews members: In the Berkshires and nearby New York State, our trail crews maintain existing trails and build new trails for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Trustees of Reservations, Columbia Land Conservancy and other conservation organizations. Crew Members work on crews of 6-8 youth and one crew leader and in the course of their crew season, acquire new skills and knowledge, make new friends, learn a lot about their community and its natural resources, and earn good money. Crew options include our Community Day Crews and the AT Camping Crew.

Pay: starting at $12.75/hr

Starting Date: Orientation Day is June 25th; Crews begin June 29th or July 6th, depending on the crew

Schedule: Community Day Crews – June 29th to August 6th; Monday – Thursday, 8:30 to 5. AT Camping Crew – July 6th to July 31st; Camping through the week and returning home for the weekend.

April Hill Farm Crew Members: The farm crew will work with the farm manager to develop and maintain the Farm at April Hill.  The farm crew will be preparing, planting, and maintaining a range of perennial and annual plants, as well as learning animal husbandry.  The program will also take place at the Bard College of Simon’s Rock Farm where the crew will be a part of growing fresh produce for the college dining hall. Greenagers is dedicated to creating a regenerative farm that demonstrates industry-leading practices that grow healthy nutritious food and enrich the natural environment. The farm crew program will include individual mentorship opportunities for those who want to explore a particular aspect of farming, environmental research, education etc.

Pay: $12.75/hr

Starting Date: June 22nd (tentative)

Schedule: Summer session (8 weeks), June 22nd – August 13th, Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am – 5 pm

April Hill Farm Apprentice : Join in the restoration and bio-diversification of our 100 acre historic farm in Egremont, MA.  The Farm Apprentice will work with the Farm Manager and farm crew to steward the needs of the farm at April Hill and will also work with farm apprentices from Bard College at Simon’s Rock to create a small vegetable and perennial food-forest intended to supply the campus dining hall.  The apprenticeship program will include a mentorship guided by the farm manager and designed to support the farm apprentice in taking on more responsibility in their areas of interest on the farm including but not exclusive too: Animal Husbandry, Plant propagatio, Perennial food crops, Annual vegetables, Seed-Saving, Coppicing and pollarding, Regenerative Agriculture, Carbon farming, Silvopasture, Silviculture, Bio-char, Compost, Farm design Process and Permaculture design, Soil and water research.

Useful skills: Self-responsibility, willingness to learn new skills, Interest and or experience in organic/regenerative farming and/or agroforestry. This position is particularly suited to those in the 18-24 age bracket.

Pay:  15$/hr

Starting Date: ASAP

Schedule: 16-24 hrs/wk through April; Full-time May 1 to October 31st; part-time following as needed.

Housatonic River Walk Stewards: The River Walk Stewardship program connects apprentices with a unique National Recreation Trail, a greenway along the scenic Housatonic River in Great Barrington, MA. Greenagers employs three youth each year to serve as River Walk Apprentices from April through November. Apprentices take care of weekly maintenance on the trail, help lead group tours and volunteer days, and receive training and mentorship by River Walk’s on-staff Horticulturalist, Heather Cupo, and Greenagers’ Conservation Director, Elia Del Molino.

Pay: Start at $12.75/hr

Schedule: Part-time April through November