april hill farm

After a year of settling in to the 100-acre property at April Hill (acquired February 2019), we have begun our farm planning and implementation in earnest. We are creating a farm that showcases regenerative farm practices that are responsive to climate change, that improve the health of the soil, and that teach young adults methods for small and medium scale agriculture that will increase the amount of nutrient-dense food available to all demographics. Our focus on production incorporates silvopasture, agroforestry, and permaculture alongside annual vegetable production and grass-based livestock production. Youth engagement involves employing seasonal interns, school group visits, and connections to local schools for food distribution and education. April Hill will also be a resource to local farmers for crop trials, seed saving, and innovative practices demonstration. Our farm crew members and farm apprentice have the unique opportunity of participating in the permaculture design of the April Hill Farm and the soil and water research necessary to this. We also invite school groups and other entities to come volunteer and learn at the farm.

farm positions available – all farm positions are currently closed. we will have some openings for late season work at the end of august.

The Farm at April Hill offers positions as the April Hill Farm Apprentice or as a member of the April Hill Farm Crew. The Apprentice and crew members will work under the tutelage of our Head Farmer, Justin Torrico, to maintain the farm vegetable and flower gardens and orchards and to care for the bees, chickens, and ducks. The produce grown will benefit local health centers and food pantries. Under Justin’s tutelage, the farm team members will learn all aspects of running the farm and will be introduced to viable career skills in the fields of Regenerative Agriculture, Conservation, food policy, all fields of science, and a way of viewing the world from an ecological perspective that will be of great benefit in any of life’s situations.

If this all sounds like an experience you would like to have, please fill out an application by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Farm Crew Application

April hill farm community days and workshops (free and open to the public)

* In an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time, our community days and workshops are suspended until further notice. Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required to find out about individual (or family) volunteer opportunities.
  • April 11th 10-3pm: Community Day. Garden and Orchard Preparation and Planting – Join us to plant the first seeds at our new Regenerative Farm and Education Center
  • April 18th 9-10am: Class 1. Intro to Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture – What is Regenerative Agriculture? Permaculture? How do they compare to sustainable farming/organic farming?
  • April 18th 10:30-3pm: Community day. Polyculture fruit and flower planting – We have a duck food forest, an edible walking trail, demonstration gardens and more to prepare and plant. Join us to work, learn and play together as we cultivate our new learning center.
  • May 2nd 9-10 am: Class 2. Intro to Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture – The Ethics and Principles of Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture Design:  Inner and outer landscapes discovery
  • May 2nd 1030-3pm: Community Day. Annual and Perennial planting
  • May 16th 9-10am: Class 3. Intro to Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture – Plant guilds, alley cropping, and the steps of designing a holistic master plan for any project.
  • May 16th 10:30-3pm: Community Day. Polyculture fruit and flower planting and herb garden installation 

I have absorbed a wealth of information about plant propagation, soil maintenance and health, crop rotation, business skills related to running a CSA program and selling food to the public.

Beyond practice knowledge, I’ve grown to appreciate more and more each day Pete and Jen’s general wisdom surrounding sustainable and efficient approaches to growing vegetables.

Finally, the experience of working outside on a full-time schedule has been incredibly humbling, especially considering how farmers like Pete and Jen put in so many hours beyond the regular 9-5 to make their operation thrive and produce.

Farm Apprentice