Featured Alum: Cecilie MacPherson

Cecilie worked for Greenagers as the Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator through Terracorps in 2021 and 2022. She worked on the farm, assisted with animal chores, worked with the South Egremont School, and helped start the wood bank. Now Cecilie works on the Trials Farm for High Mowing Organic Seed Company researching and evaluating new organic seed varieties to determine which new varieties will make it into the High Mowing catalog.

“Working at Greenagers has deepened my passion for food and farming, and established that I wanted to pursue farming as a career.  Seeing in real time what as farmers we can and cannot control during the farm season gave me an acute sense of respect and admiration for the natural environment.  Greenagers taught me how to lean into challenges and overcome my fear of handling larger equipment. Through my time at Greenagers I learned how to drive our tractor, use and maintain chainsaws, as well as woodworking tools. Additionally, my time at Greenagers helped me refine my leadership skills, learn how to develop class curriculums, and teach in classroom settings.”


To All Greenagers Alumni:

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