Close the Gap!

Have you heard about our “Close the Gap” Campaign to support our acquisition and stewardship of April Hill Conservation and Education Center (formerly Kellogg Conservation Center)?

Our new 100-acre house and farm will provide a permanent home and wider reach for Greenagers’ regional jobs and conservation education programs for teens and young adults

With more than $1.1 million quietly raised last year, Greenagers is now aiming to raise a final $350,000 to support the stewardship – now and forever – of this incredible place.

Our $1.5 million fundraising target secures the purchase and capital improvements at the property, establishes reserve funds, and provides for program expansion.

“We are so surprised and so very grateful, that this project has struck such a chord with our community well before any public announcement was made,” said Will Conklin, executive director of Greenagers. “Apparently, our friends agree with us that this could be the most important project underway on behalf of our region’s young people. Our Egremont neighbors especially have shown spectacular support.”

“The impact Greenagers has on our young people can’t be overstated, and when teens benefit, so does the entire community,” said David Sheehan, chair of the Greenagers board. “April Hill will give us room to grow and to serve more kids in a setting that mirrors our mission perfectly.”

The Kellogg property was transferred to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy by the estate of the late Mary Margaret Kellogg; the Appalachian Trail runs just south of the property. In late 2017, ATC moved to transfer its stewardship role and selected Greenagers as the organization most suited to the property.

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