River Walk

Greenagers is very proud of its collaboration with Great Barrington’s Housatonic River Walk. Greenagers and the River Walk have partnered on a number of occasions over the last two years; now, Greenagers will be the official stewards of this National Recreation Trail.

Greenagers is responsible for trail maintenance, trail work internships and volunteer days, and community outreach and education. Greenagers employs two youth to act as the River Walk apprentices April – November. River Walk will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on September 8th, 2012 and at this celebration will officially hand over the stewardship baton to Greenagers. We hope you will join us for this happy occasion!  If you would like to help fund youth stewardship of this wonderful trail, please consider purchasing raffle tickets (many amazing prizes!) or making a donation. You can do either by contacting the Greenagers office, [email protected].

About Housatonic River Walk: a greenway trail along the Housatonic River in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, River Walk is a community project directed by Rachel Fletcher and created by approximately 2100 volunteers. The River Walk trail is designed by Peter Jensen of Peter S. Jensen & Associates. The landscape restoration is directed by Monica Fadding of Marconica, Inc. and Heather Cupo of Plant Euphoria.

River Walk is created by community volunteers who live in and around Great Barrington. It is maintained to allow public access to the river and to reclaim its banks for the benefit of wildlife and people. River Walk roughly follows the west bank of the Housatonic River between Cottage Street and Bridge Street. The trail’s two completed sections are linked by Dresser Avenue and River Street.

“…it’s cherishing something local that everybody can have in common, and to me a thing like that can’t go wrong. It’s just a little narrow walkway, scaled right, but it’s an enormously suggestive thing.” Wendell Berry about the River Walk