CLIMATE ACTION SPRING 2019- Monument Valley

Week 1 (March 26-28)

Review- What do we know about climate change? What is in store this session?

Tuesday- Pre-Survey/Talk about schedule/Hike

Thursday- Pollinator Lesson/go to Wards for seeds/supplies

Week 2 (April 2-4)

Get Outside!

Tuesday- Start Seeds at St. Paul’s Childrens Center with preschoolers

Thursday- Hike Beartown           

Week 3 (April 9-11)

Tuesday- Carbon Sequestration Lesson at Mary Flynn Trail

Thursday- Tree Lesson with Arborist

Week 4 (April 23-25)

Tuesday- Recycling Project work

Thursday- Recycling Project work

Week 5 (April 30-May 2)

Tuesday- Salsa contest

Thursday- Riverbrook garden prep

Week 6 (May 7-9)

Tuesday- Riverwalk with Alison (HVA) (DuBois garden)

Thursday- Pollinator Planting with Devan

Week 7 (May 14-16)

Tuesday- Riverwalk work with Elia

Thursday- Recycling Project follow-up

Week 8 (May 21-23)

What have we learned? Let’s celebrate!

Tuesday- Berkshire Botanical Garden- Learn about bees!

Thursday- Woven Roots