This spring symbolizes new beginnings for so many reasons. With green moss starting to appear on downed branches, to the smallest of buds on red maple trees- spring is finally here and we are finally able to meet in person for our after-school program!

With a crazy winter behind us-both with weather and our changing world-we are going to focus on ourselves for a bit. We will be exploring nature with the Curious Nature Guide by Clare Walker Leslie. This book will teach us all about slowing down and observing the world around us. We will be making our own maps of our habitats, making snacks and creating recipes, learning basics about gardening and growing our own food, looking at different types of trees, preparing for pollinators, and observing the night sky. There is so much to be excited about in springtime! While doing this, students will also have the opportunity to express themselves through art and journaling in any way they choose. We want kids to make sense of what they have been going through, and find nature to be a source for relief and curiosity.


Week 1-

Checking in-

Bring snacks

How is life going these days? What do you miss most about pre-COVID days? What kinds of things are you interested in doing outside?

About Me Collages

Introduce Curious Nature Guide

Week 2-

Our Habitats

Icebreaker games:

Intro to the Curious Nature Guide

Talk about maps- show maps, and show the kids our maps…..simple at first  …just house/apt. and yard and we grow it from there


  • Must have a compass on it showing directions – for further use on maps

Take some time drawing maps and talking about landmarks around their neighborhoods. Where do you hang out with your friends? Where do you go shopping? Eating?

Have kids take note of nature in unexpected places on their maps

Week 3-

Animal Habitats

Wildlife tracking

Journal- who lives in the trees around you?

Week 4-

Animal habitats

Beaver lodge activity

How do animals adapt to their environment

Week 5-


Make journals

Nature observations

Week 6-

Make “safe places” with natural materials

Week 7-

Night Sky

Make star map cork board

Week 8-

April is Grass or Worm Moon, May is Flower Moon- what would your moon be?

Paint your moon on canvas, why do you choose that to symbolize your personality?

Last day cooking competition