Trail Crews

Each year, Greenagers hires nearly 50 young adults and teens for the Community Work Initiative.

Greenagers Trail Crews work on the Appalachian Trail, and on trails owned by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Trustees of Reservations, Great Barrington Land Conservany, and other area land trusts and conservation agencies.

Trail Crew members receive a starting wage of $11/hour. They also receive financial literacy and resume writing training sessions. Greenagers partners with schools to identify students who are most in need and could most benefit from this type of employment and work training.

“I’m getting to explore a lot of beautiful places, I’ve been getting physically stronger, and most of all, I get the satisfaction of having done a hard day’s work.” —Trail Crew member

“It was great to have the Greenagers crew in Kennedy Park. Everybody I spoke with who encountered them commented on the good work they did and what a positive thing it was to have young people present and active in the improvement to the park. The leadership was strong, the crew well staffed, and the program well administered.”

“Greenagers kids learn to look beyond themselves to help the greater community good.” —Greenagers parent

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