Environmental Education programs for middle school students and homeschoolers of all ages.

Middle School Program

EXPLORE! ENGAGE! GIVE BACK! Greenagers directs environmental education programs at Monument Valley and Mt. Everett middle schools. This program pairs environmental education, with an emphasis on climate change, with hands-on service learning work in the field(s). In after-school and summer programming running from September through August, 35-40 students per year develop a working relationship with each other and their forests, watersheds, and food-sheds. For more information, please contact Aretha at

Home School program

Greenagers offers monthly nature education workshops for homeschool students. Each month features a different topic, from tracking to birding to tree ID and much more. Led by Greenagers’ own Elia Del Molino, these workshops offer a wonderful way to be outside together, learning and exploring the many wonders around us. For more information, and to be notified of upcoming events, please contact Samantha at Upcoming events are also posted on our blog.

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