Front Lawn Food 2012

Our third Front Lawn Food season is in full swing. New gardens have been installed, all the gardens are planted out with yummy veggies and herbs. It’s just great. We were thrilled to partner again this year with CHP WIC, the Markham Nathan Fund for Social Justice, Greylock Federal Credit Union, the Green Pastures Fund at Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, and the Center for Peace through Culture. Hadley Milliken of Small Farms Rising contributed her time and farming expertise to the project, providing us with a wonderful and effective garden design plan – thank you, Hadley!

2012 Work Crews

COMMUNITY WORK INITIATIVE: The Greenagers crew members have been selected and we are really looking forward to another great season.  This year, the National Park Service will host a Greenagers Crew (the Greenagers Appalachian Trail Crew) for work exclusively on sections of the Appalachian Trail. Greenagers is also hosting the 2012 Community Crew for work on local trails, farms, and conservation land. Youth receive $8.50-$9.50/hour and over the course of the summer will contribute 3,000 hours of work to the community and its trails and land.