Greenbacks for Greenagers: Support Us Today

Give your greenbucks to Greenagers. Support outdoor jobs for youth!

It’s that time of year when everyone comes around asking for your support — including Greenagers.

If you’ve hiked at Monument Mountain, the Appalachian Trail, at Kennedy Park in Lenox, at Great Barrington River Walk, or on just about any trail in South County, you’ve experienced the trail-tending work of Greenagers.

river3If your neighbors have a Front Yard Food garden, you know that local teens played a role in that family’s yard-to-table project.

If you’ve recently read about how Greenagers’ middle schoolers are combining gaming technology with environmental education, you know Greenagers is making an impact.

If you know a teen who worked on a farm last summer, you can bet Greenagers helped make it happen.

Support our youth. Support the environment. Support community spirit.

Be a friend of Greenagers. Donate today.