Update 3.31.20

To the Greenagers community:

We have been working along as best we can during this ever-changing and difficult time. Our thoughts are with our non-profit colleagues in emergency services and front-line social services. The needs are great and it is heartening to see the Herculean efforts employed by the community at-large.

Our staff continues to work from home and we still encourage youth that hope to work with us to send in their applications. Our date for confirming hiring will be fluid as we follow guidelines from state and federal authorities.  At this time, it will not be sooner than April 27.

We continue to get some work accomplished at April Hill Farm.  Agriculture is an essential sector and our new fruit and nut trees, shrubs and seeds need to be planted and stewarded.  The products of these labors will be more food for our community, direct to those who need it most.  If you would like to help provide more food security for our community, visit the Front Lawn Food page of our website.  A donated bed could go a long way toward restoring a family’s resilience.

When we do begin to peek around the corner of this crisis, the need for gardens, local food, and trails will be stronger than ever.  We are eager to meet this need and community efforts to create these opportunities will be one of the many forms of COVID catharsis.  Working outdoors will be one of the first, and safest, modes of reconnecting. Wishing you safety and wellness and looking forward to seeing you in the garden or on the trail.

Dear Greenagers Community,

In a normal year, at this time, the ground is still frozen—often covered with snow or ice—and we at Greenagers are deep in planning and eager for the breaking of spring to set us out to the fields and trails for the work that gives us purpose and direction.  It is with the energetic youth of our community that we look forward to doing this work.

Needless to say, this year is different.  Spring has sprung, perhaps, and we are all directing our energies to mitigating the effects of COVID-19 within our communities.  Unchanged, though, is our anticipation of getting outside with work crews doing what we do best: install gardens, build trail, battle invasive species, nurture native species.  Our first priority is always safety.  As such we have suspended programming in line with the recommendations of state and local agencies, taking our guidance from fact-based entities like Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Center for Disease Control.  Where there are discrepancies, we err on the more cautious side.

Our staff is still working, albeit from home, and we are here to answer your questions about gardens, summer jobs, and programming at April Hill Conservation and Education Center.  Please contact us by email as there will be limited opportunity to answer the phone and check messages.

We encourage youth who hope to work with us this summer to send in their applications as usual.  We are confident that we will be able to proceed with some version of our summer work crews while keeping everyone safe.

As we proceed we will keep some core principles close to heart: safety, education, communication, community, citizenship.  Greenagers teaches these ethics to our youth because they give us life, inspiration, empathy, and right action.

We will continue to update this page as the situation develops.

Health and wellness to you and your families.